Representations of Fertility

- June 22 2011 -

Through the centuries, artistic representations of men took central stage, while those centering around the female body were treated as objects. The art world was dominated by male figures who, for one reason or another, created countless representations of women and their children but hardly any of women with child.


Simple Outlines Against A Clear Blue Sky

- January 24 2011 -

When I left Tel Aviv for NYC, the city was a young, happening, ever busy, never sleeping, cultural breeding ground with a certain dirty charm to it.


East Is East, and West Is San Francisco*

- October 03 2010 -

On paper, there is so much to see in New York, so many places that expose us to the best (and worse) of the contemporary local art scene, so many places that display the best (and worse) of the art world over the last decades, centuries and millennia. All we have to do is get out there and see it, right? But we miss out…


A Collector’s Item?

- August 24 2010 -

This past May, Transport of London published a new tube map, with an exceptional cover featuring work by Barbara Kruger, an American artist who’s work is famous for using text and popular image to convey an idea.


Summer Treasures, Part 2

- August 18 2010 -

As summer moves on, New York City seems to split into two kinds of people, those who have a tendency to become somewhat dormant and those who seem undisturbed by it, who are mainly tourists.


Summer Treasures

- August 09 2010 -

Since the academic year ended in late May, there has been a dry spell over my brain. Every time I approached writing, there seemed to have been a little cloud floating in, obscuring all logical thought from reaching the typing fingers.


Between Illustration and Art

- June 28 2010 -

Its an old argument that has been getting some back wind recently. Is illustration a form of graphic design or is it art? Illustrators have been coming out of its design / publisher / book niche over the last few years and coming in to the world of art galleries, claiming their space within the art world.


Thoughts of Presence

- June 11 2010 -

And then it hit me. More than anything else, this show is about power. It deals with the power of the artist over the art world, over the viewer and over human nature. Art has a power over me, over others. It is usually an emotional more than physical power, but in the case of The artist is Present, the physical power was gaining strength…


Culture Wars

- May 12 2010 -

Last year, the subject of my future in the art world came up in conversation with my boss at the time, a gallery owner who was kind enough to take me in as an intern.  I had just registered to take a summer class at the NYU SCPS for an Art Appraiser Certificate. His reaction to this was a very specific hand gesture, I think…


Every Other Year

- April 14 2010 -

Since the show is not huge in volume and thanks to the quiet tones that pretty much control the displays, one can go through it without feeling visually overwhelmed.  It is very hard to pay attention to everything in one swing, especially if you are, like I was, on a timed schedule.  Take a few hours for it or plan two visits - trust me,…


Art Fairs Delay

- March 28 2010 -

There was a sense of delicate touch that could be found in each one of the fairs. A feeling that there was a great effort, more than concept and style that went into these works, but a real ability, these artists are masters at what they do.


Paper Appreciation

- March 07 2010 -

I am an artist / art lover married to a designer.  We have discussions, pretty much on a regular basis, about what constitutes art.  As a designer, my husband had always been arguing that as long as something has meaning and comes from a creative place, it can be described as art. Over the years, I have come to realize that art is not only…


Visual Memory

- March 03 2010 -

You know how it is when a song gets stuck in your head and you just have to either hum it or hear it played to get it out? Happens to me all the time with songs from Glee – I will wake up in the morning unable to get “Rain on My Parade” out of my head… 


My Favorite Photo

- February 24 2010 -

I first came across this particular photograph in an old World Exhibition of Photography catalog I found outside the library when I was 16. Already in a condition that indicated it had passed under many hands, this catalog was first published in 1964 and I believe my version in one published in 1967. It accompanied an exhibition revolving around the theme of “What is Man?”…


Hello World

- February 17 2010 -

Well it’s about frickin’ time, isn’t it? Been playing with the idea of writing a blog for quite a while now, and it is finally becoming a reality!