Ron Mueck

Born in Australia in 1958, Ron Mueck started his career working as a puppeteer on Australian television programs before working on the set of Labyrinth (in which he also voices Ludo) and joining Jim Hansen in working on The Storyteller. He later established himself in London, where he opened a studio that created hyper-realistic props and animatronics for the television and film industry. In 1996 he started creating his hyper-realistic figurative sculptures, meticulously crafted and masterfully finished, always swaying from reality only by size - they are all either larger or smaller than normal human scale. Mueck’s work has been presented all over the world, notably in the Venice Biannual exhibition in 1999, the Brooklyn Museum in 2006, the National Gallery of Canada in 2007 and in the National Gallery of Victoria, located his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, in 2010. Though I have never seen it in person (I hope one day I would be able to), Mueck’s three dimensional sculptures, his attention to even the most minute of details and his masterful craftsmanship seem to come through two dimensional computer screen or over print. 

Two Women, 2005

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Andy Denzler

Swiss born (b. 1965), Denzler works in Europe and the US, creating perfectly smudged figurative paintings. There is a certain intensity to each of his works, even when they are of a soft, tranquil face. There’s always movement in them, not only because of the smudge, but also because of the moment caught, in mid motion.

Sea Breaze, Oil on Canvas, 2009

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Megan Greene

Megan Greene’s (b. 1976) images start as a botanical or biological book illustrations and finish a colorful abstraction of what they would look like if we took them and turned them inside out.  Recent works are a monotone, almost a negative in white against black, using lines instead of color to create the amazing flora.

For Anteater, Pencil and Guache on Black Paper, 2007

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Mike Bayne

An Ottawa native, Mike Bayne (b. 1977) is a master of miniature oil painting. His amazing works are usually done on 4 x 6 inch boards, depicting architectural landscapes and alluding to human presence without depicting one figure. Bayne chooses frames that are almost boring and treats them with so much detail and care that they turn int o the most visually alluring thing.

Siesta, Oil on Panel

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Rob Carter

Rob Carter (b. 1976), lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He uses time lapse and stop motion techniques to create video art. Dealing mostly with structure, he deconstructs and makes his own statement about these architectural monuments. His works contain levels of humor and cynicism that make them a joy to watch.

Stone by Stone (Fire), 2009

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Georgia Russell

A Scottish artist, Georgia Russell (b. 1974) cuts photographs, music sheets, maps, newspapers and books to create small sculptural pieces. In a way, she almost dissects the two dimensional printed material, which is created to describe something that is three dimensional and by that gives it that third dimension.

Evolution and natural selection, 2009

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Adam Fowler

Adam Fowler (b. 1979) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and has been very active in the art world over the past decade. Working in paper, he produces delicate, carefully constructed sculptural pieces that call the viewer to come closer. Your browser may not support display of this image. 

Untitled (12 layers), 2008

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Mia Pearlman

Mia Pearlman Creates in Paper. Her pieces are made of cut strips of paper, carefully put together at location, all site specific. Starting out with free hand drawings, using the paper as surface, she slowly turns it into a sculptural piece, making the transition from plain to medium. Her mastership and knowledge of the material never fail to bring inspiring results that leave the viewer staring.

Voluta, Limited edition series, 2010.

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Motoi Yamamoto

Motoi Yamamoto is a Japanese artist (b. 1966), living and actively creating in Kanazawa, Japan. Yamamoto creates amazing, detailed sculptures of salt. Spanning from a tiny leaf to a house filled to the brim with salt, so much that it spills out of the window cracks. His work has been displayed all over Japan and in many other locations around the world, including Jerusalem, New York, Milan and London.

Salt "Labrynth" installation at the Sumter Gallery of Art in Sumter, SC, 2007.

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Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks was an American photographer (b. 1912, d. 2006) famous for unabashedly depicting the life of the poor black population.  A true renaissance man, Parks was a photographer for Life Magazine, the first major black film director in Hollywood (Shaft, The Learning Tree), a composer and a poet.  His works have touched the American public from many directions and through many mediums.

Gordon Parks American, 1912–2006 Big Momma and Boy (Bessie and Little Richard the Morning After She Scalded Her Husband), 1967

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